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Luper Brothers is as "crooked as a dog's hind leg!" While repairing a vibration damper over a one-week in-shop period ($500 repair), they noted on their inspection report, "no oil registering on dip stick"...but failed to add oil, or to even mention it to us!While driving 12 miles away from their shop at 65 MPH on U.S.

Highway 12, the car seized and the engine froze, ruining the engine. Luper Brothers claimed that it was likely something "other than oil" that caused the damage...and, in small claims court, they stated that since the "Inspection Report" was nice, but not necessary, that they had no obligation to add oil...what a load of baloney! Their nice-but-not-necessary omission has cost us a $5,000 vehicle. Shame on you, Luper Brothers!

How can you look in the mirror every day, knowing what you're costing your customers and your community.A word to the wise....use Luper Brothers Automotive at your OWN extreme peril!

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Wellpinit, Washington, United States #714351

In my shop you would be shocked to see how many quarts of oil we have to give away that we put in engines for customers that did my request it.When they complain about it when it comes to payment time what are we going to do?

Suck the oil back out? Nope! We have to eat the cost. All I do is tell the customer and if they are not capable of putting their own oil in and checking it I will do it for them.

Just because the shop touched it, does not mean they are responsible for everything that happens to it afterwords. I get that all the time.

"You replaced my headlight and now my fuel pump quit....." That *** me off and I do understand your case was more in the same realm of what you brought it in for, none the less the judge was in favor of the repair shop.If it was the repair shops fault they would have to pay, but it wasent, so they did not.

Wellpinit, Washington, United States #713765

If they added oil for everybody that needed it that didn't ask for it they would be broke.People already complain about what things cost.

It's sounds like your fault for not looking at the inspection report they gave you. You running it all over without checking the oil for thousands of miles was the real problem.

You cant blame them for your stupidity.Lastly your car was probably a piece of *** that was just moments away from going to the junk yard.

to Anonymous #714191

Asking if we wanted oil wouldn't have cost them anything... In fact, they would receive the mark-up on price to boot!

Belfair, Washington, United States #640191

Wow---I've heard of rip-offs, but not adding a quart of oil?This is disgusting!

They should be run out of business for doing stuff like that....$5,000 is A LOT of money!:cry

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